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Press Release
Press Release
October 2005
We have just newly launched brought the American food into our market - Real Potato Chip.
Real potato chips deliver the taste, flavour, texture and quality you have come to expect from the world's finest potato chip manufacturer.

We offer the Real taste of fresh potatoes because we start with the world's best potatoes: grown in Oregon–State of Washington in the USA under ideal conditions and processed to world class standards. Our partner, Snack Alliance, Inc., uses only a select few varieties of potatoes chosen to deliver the colour, flavour and crispiness that you have come to expect from our chips.

Our potatoes are grown to the highest standards in the industry and they are processed into Real potato chips within 24 hours of receipt from the farms. If they do not meet the set quality standards or can not be processed in time they are sold to other manufacturers. These strict limits are imposed because potatoes are living organisms that continue to evolve from the moment they are harvested by turning their starch into sugar. Field-fresh potato flavour that we believe ought to be everyone’s standard.

Every step of the journey from the potato fields to you are monitored to ensure that you will enjoy the fresh taste, crispy texture, great potato flavour and world class quality of Real potato chips.
世界顶尖的马铃薯片制造商为您带来品质,口感与 质感极佳的 REAL 马铃薯片。

我们所采用的优质马铃薯为您提供真正的马铃薯口味。原产于美国俄勒冈 - 华盛顿州,在最理想的环境下栽种,并以最严谨的生产程序制造出高水准的马铃薯片。我们的伙伴,Snack Alliance, Inc.,在选购马铃薯的过程中尤为谨慎,唯有特许品种的马铃薯方 能用作生产,以迎合客户对薯片色泽,味道和脆度 的要求。